Interreg Project Storytelling

On my work I look for inspiration for Project Storytelling techniques at the Methodology Guide designed by Economía Creativa

F. Pullia, Communication Manager, Greenersites Interreg

Project/Client: Project Storytelling Workshop for Interreg Europe 

Interreg Europe, European Commission; project delivered in Barcelona, Spain

Society is often not fully aware of how EU Funded projects are having a real impact in their everyday lives, in shaping the future, providing opportunities for entrepreneurship, job creation, harnessing social inclusion and sustainability.


In order to tackle this challenge, we have designed a Methodology guide and provided capacity building training in Barcelona, Spain, for 100 Lead Partners of Interreg Europe, European Commission programme for regions development (Research & Innovation, SME Competitiveness, Environment and Low Carbon Economy) on Project Storytelling, applying audience development methodology to engaging with key target publics, stakeholders and society as a whole through interactive and innovative digital and off-line communication strategies, co-creation of content, promoting projects' stakeholders closer cooperation.

Antonio Carlos presents the key elements for Project Storytelling outlined at Economia Creativa Methodology Guide (above-top); participants working in groups designing communication and storytelling strategy for their projects (middle); Justyna facilitating the workshop
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