Mapping private funding opportunities from Asia & Europe in the frame of SDGs

CLIENT: Asia-Europe Foundation, Singapore

DELIVERED: Digitally 

Feasibility study

Antonio Ruiz (director Economia Creativa) delivers unparalleled expertise in the dynamic yet complex area that is fundraising for the arts. We reached out to Antonio to help us map potential funders for our cultural exchange projects. He delivered 2 excellent feasibility studies on potential public & private funders. We remain extremely impressed by the wealth of strategic and practical information contained in these studies.

Anupama Sekhar, Director, Culture Department, Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF)


ASEF’s Mobility First! is a response to the challenge of limited availability and access to funding cultural mobility, The challenge we've addressed is to explore new sources of private funding for Mobility First!, in order to increase the number of beneficiaries and the impact and contribution of the programme to the SDGs.

Blog Article about the project by Antonio Carlos at ASEF's Culture 360

Art and Business CSR - Antonio Carlos Ru


We have carried out a feasibility study on private funding and cooperation for ASEF's, Asia Europe Foundation, cultural mobility grant, Mobility First!

The study has examined the landscape of Asia and Europe and identified more than 80 feasible sources for private funding with particular focus on multinational corporations (MNCs) from different sectors (financial and insurance, energy, airlines, automobile, food and beverages, health care and beauty, fashion, among others) providing the rationale for win-win partnerships with culture and creative sector, in the frame of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The study showcases how MNCs recognise that arts and culture provide an important return on their environment (company culture and employees’ engagement), as well as return on investment (increased consumption), and creative branding. Arts and culture also harnesses creativity, enables change and transformation, generates innovative solutions and technological innovations. Further, ‘values’ and ‘experiences’ are delivered through the arts, contributing to openness and leadership, cultural exchange, social mobility and the development of society in tackling global challenges for the achievement of the SDGs.


More than 82 new founding sources have been mapped from Corporations, Foundations, Phylanthropy and crwdfunding and a partnership rationale defined for each type of potential donnor, in the frame of the SDGs.


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