Capacity building on crowdfunding to fund projects to achieve SDGs 

CLIENT: AECID (Spanish Cooperation & Development Agency) and Brussels Airlines in cooperation with Ministry of Culture of Angola and EEAS (European Commission), Luanda, Angola

DELIVERED: Luanda (Angola)

Design weeklong couse on Crowdfunding for Creative Entrepreneurs & Startups; capacity building & mentorship


Entrepreneurs and startups in Angola face the challenge to fund their projects and businesses. This challenges is even greater for entrepreneurs in cultural and creative sector.

Antonio Carlos mentoring Workshop participants

Antonio Carlos Ruiz Soria delivering Cro


We have designed and delivered a week-long capacity building course on Crowdfunding, Strategy, Campaign Design and Implementation for creative entrepreneurs, Startups and NGOs, in Luanda, Angola, organized by Spanish Embassy in Angola with the support of Brussels Airlines CSR and the institutional cooperation of Ministry of Culture of Angola and the European External Action Service, EEAS, European Commission.

The workshop has had the aim of facilitating the project creation and providing a methodology for planning, designing and implementing a crowdfunding campaign to get projects funded that participants will be able to replicate for themselves and within their networks to multiply the impact.

Antonio Carlos has coached and mentored participants to prototype their projects.


Very competitive and feasible projects have been created on key areas for Angola’s development such as education, technology, tourism, energy efficiency, cultural heritage and creative industries. Participants have focused their projects on achieving concrete SDGs. 


During the whole week it has been created positive environment and energy, team work spirit, lots of creativity and constructive feedback each time a group was presenting their work to the class. It has been a real crowd-sourcing experience!

Joaquin Durán Cultural Counseor Spanish Embassy and Antonio Carlos during interview about the project for Radio LAC Angola

Antonio Carlos Ruiz Soria - interview fo

Closing ceremony, giving diplomas. Joaquín Durán, Cristina Conde, Ministry of Culture Angola, and Antonio Carlos Ruiz 

Antonio Carlos Ruiz Soria - Crowdfunding

The project has been sponsored by Brussels Airlines within their CSR


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