Reinventing Costa del Sol through Creative Tourism

PROJECT: EC Research & Publications / Andalusian Tourism Board

PROJECT PRESENTED IN: Creative Tourism Workshop, Thyseen Museum, Málaga (Spain);  Creative Tourism Focus Group, Andalucia Lab, Marbella (Spain); XpoNorth, Creative Industries Festival, Inverness, Scotland (UK)


IN THE PRESS: Hacia el nuevo turismo creativo (Towards the new creative toursim) TRIBUNA EXPRESS

AWARDS: OECD Good Practice for sustainable economic development / Forum LEED


Costa del Sol, a coastal area in the province of Málaga, South Spain has to address the problem of over tourism that is creating a vicious circle of poor quality jobs, unemployment, congestion and saturation of the destination, as well as lack of public services in terms of culture, health, mobility. The over tourism is also draining population from the villages of the interior of Málaga province, accelerating the territorial inequality.

Antonio Carlos conducting Creative Tourism Focus Group with local entrepreneurs and policy makers

Creative Tourism Workshop Economia Creat


Economia Creativa has designed and implemented the research and capacity building project 'Reinventing Costa del Sol through Creative Torusim".

The aim of the project was to raise awareness among local entrepreneurs and policy makers about the opportunity of developing a Creative Tourism strategy for regenerating Costa del Sol in a sustainable and innovative way, tackling the challenges of over toruism, rural areas depopulation, lack of cultural infastructure and services, poor quality jobs and lack of perspectives for creative entrepreneurs and artists.

Also we aimed also to contribute to the international debate for developing an alternative touristic model, particularly for coastal areas in the saturated Mediterranean, considering creativity, people and the environment at the centre of it.

We have engaged with key stakeholders such as Andalusian Tourism Board, Costa del Sol Tourism Board and Andalusian Lab (Tourism Innovation Center), to carry out focus groups with local entrepreneurs and policy makers and provide training and capacity building to create new strategies, products and services for 'creative toruists'.


Project activities:

  • Focus group: Creative Tourism: trends and opportunities, in cooperation with Andalucia Lab (Tourism Innovation Center, Regional Government of Andalusia), Marbella, Málaga, May 2014

  • Creative Tourism Workshop, in cooperation with Andalusian Tourism Board and  Costa del Sol Tourism Board, November 2015

  • Economía Creativa desk research, awareness raising and dissemination of creative tourism at local, national and international level.


The report 'Reinventing Costa del Sol Through Creative Tourism' has been the project output, which has been recgonized as good practice by OECD Forum LEED (2015); this publication have been cited by several publications internationally analyzing creative tourism and regional/rural development. 

Local entrepreneurs and policy makers have been trained on how creativity and creative industries can play a catalyst role on local development.

Press coverage of the project on the local newspaper Tribuna Express



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