Motivational speaking and capacity building on audience & market development for CCS

CLIENT: British Council, Ministry of Culture of Ukraine, Eastern Partnership for Culture, European Commission (Creative Ukraine Forum)

DELIVERED: Kyiv, Ukraine

Motivational speech Cultural and Creative Industries for gender and youth empowerment: best practices from socially orientated art projects and Corporate Social Responsibility' and facilitated the workshop Audience and Market Development for Creative Sector


Creative and Culture Sector can be a catalyst for sustainable development, social inclusion and gender equality. However, often the key challenge for CCS institutions, entrepreneurs and NGOs is to reach and engage the audience, to design creative products and services able to compete in local and/or international markets.

Antonio Carlos mentoring Workshop participants

Antonio Carlos Ruiz Soria - Speaking Cre


Antonio Carlos Ruiz Soria took part as speaker/senior expert at Creative Ukraine Forum organized by Ukrainian Ministry of Culture and the EU Delegation to Ukraine providing input on ‘Creative SMEs’ focusing his contribution on ‘Cultural and Creative Industries for gender and youth empowerment: best practices from socially orientated art projects and Corporate Social Responsibility' aiming to drag the attention to the important role of creative economy as driver for gender equality and social inclusion and, at the same time, the opportunities that this open up for NGOs, institutions and creative entrepreneurs to developing social innovation projects with creativity, art and culture as catalysts, in cooperation with multi-national corporations.

Antonio Carlos also delivered the capacity building training to 70 cultural managers, policy makers and creative entrepreneurs on 'Audience & Market Development for Cultural and Creative Industries. The workshop was structured in three parts. First  an input on Audience Development and Creative Storytelling in the Ukrainian cultural economy context, highlighting their relevance as tools for both institutions and creative entrepreneurs in order to increase their audience, engage with them in a more meaningful way and attract new audiences from disadvantage people or minorities who do not normally participate on cultural life. Then, during the second part of the workshop participants worked in three groups to creating their audience development plan for their current projects: a music festival, a museum and an art residency. To wrap up, all participants contributed to the final conclusions of the workshop: the importance of considering the ‘audience’ from the start of the project, to make them feel part of it and to involve the local community to harness sustainability and social inclusion.


Participants worked in groups on applying Economía Creativa storytelling and audience development method to their businesses and NGOs challenges to reaching concrete audiences and develop competitive creative producs and services. Each group presented their work to their peers and received feedback from Antonio Carlos.

Workshop participants working on their Audience Development Plan

Participants during Workshop facilitated

Antonio Carlos speaking during the Experts panel

Antonio Carlos speaking Creative Ukraine

Creative Ukraine Experts/Speakers family picture


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