Expert contribution to Structured Dialogue between EU Commission and Culture Sector on Gender Balance

PROJECT: Voices of Culture, European Commission

DELIVERED: Prague (Czech Republic) and Brussels (Belgium)

Brainstorming, expert contribution and best practices sharing


Women, despite the economically and technologically developed times we’re living, are still underrepresented in the workforce, leadership and decision-making positions in CCS; they are also paid less than their male colleagues, and facing many challenges they should not be existing by now. The consequences of women inequality are negative not just for women themselves but for the whole society. The need to address these facts and come up with clear policy recommendations and actions proved that VoC focus this year on Gender Balance is necessary and timely

Justyna during the VoC Brainstorming session in Prague

VoC Workshop on training for Gender Equa


The first meeting of VoC -brainstorming session- took place in Goethe Institute in Prague on 4th-5th September 2019. During the first meeting, experts worked in four groups on different aspects and topics such as: role of public authorities, legislation, role of sectoral initiatives, measures to promote equality, education and training, gender stereotypes, representation and role models to provide recommendations for the Brainstorming report.


The second VoC Dialogue Meeting took place at the Flagey in Brussels on the 6th November. It brought together again representatives from the 35 selected organizations for the VoC from several EU Member States, representatives from the European Commission and members of the Gender Equality group representing the EU Member States (OMC group)


Economia Creativa, represented in both VoC Meetings by Justyna Molendowska-Ruiz, contributed to VoC Meeting on Gender Balance sharing our expertise on training and capacity building on key areas for women empowerment such as creative confidence, entrepreneurial skills and business modelling, communication and storytelling, innovative funding and leadership; we also disseminate the outputs of the meeting as well as tools and resources for women empowerment.


Economía Creativa takeaways from the VoC Daialogue Meeting with the European Commission and the Cultural Sector, on Gender Equality, in 10 points:

  1. Gender requires a global approach and concrete actions for and by women.

  2. Awareness raising stereotype-free about women leadership

  3. Fund mentorship and capacity building for women on Culture and Creative Sectors, including training the trainers.

  4. Enable structures for protecting people against sexual violence. Create points of contact for confidential reporting.

  5. Make a binding obligation for all recipients of EU funding to have an anti-harassment policy.

  6. Bring overall legislation on gender equality to the highest level existing in the EU.

  7. More comprehensive gender statistics is needed, including making data on pay scales available, transparent and comparable.

  8. Enforce 50-50 rule in the distribution of public resources.

  9. In education, introduce a 50/50 rule on role models.

  10. From STEM to STEAM, harness #creativity (including #creativehubs) so everyone can reach their full potential and feel fulfilled.

The Brainstorming Report on 'Gender Equality: Gender Balance in the Cultural and Creative Sectors' will be published available soon (stay tuned!)

Justyna during the VoC Meeting in Prague

Justyna Molendowska-Ruiz - Economia Crea


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