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Antonio Carlos Ruiz Soria’s made a significant contribution at TAIEX Workshop to introducing Ukrainian local officials with the concept of creative industries. His well-structured presentation on the European models of creative industries support provided the audience with specific applied cases and tools for boosting the creative economy in regions.

Anastasia Obraztsova / Director-General of the Directorate of Creative Industries of the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine

Yevhen Nyschuk, Minister of Culture of Ukraine (above); Antonio Carlos during the Keynote, facilitation of the workshop and round table (below)

Project/Client: EU national legislation and best practices for the development of cultural and creative industries

TAIEX European Commission, Ministry of Culture of Ukraine and EU Delegation to Ukraine  

Antonio Carlos Ruiz Soria has delivered expert mission at TAIEX Workshop on EU measures, national legislation and best practices for the development and support of cultural and creative industries, organized in cooperation with Ministry of Culture of Ukraine.

The objective of the workshop was to present the EU approach to developing policies related to the area of cultural and creative industries.

Its aim was to:

  • study EU measures and national legislative acts implemented in the EU countries enable best development and support practices for cultural and creative industries

  • study the possibilities of the implementation of this European experience in Ukraine

  • provide institution-building support to assist the process of transposition, implementation and enforcement of EU legislation and policies

Antonio Carlos delivered the key note on 'Different Models of CCIs policies, strategies and support in the EU. Implications to the Ukrainian context' showcasing how creative economy can be a catalyst for innovation and cross-sectoral fertilisation; and presenting good practices from UK, Germany, Spain and Poland and their implications/insight into the Ukrainian context.

Antonio Carlos facilitated an interactive session in which the 95 participants, representatives of public institutions at national, regional and local level as well as of civil society organizations, worked in groups to designing cultural and creative economy policies and programmes harnessing sustainable and inclusive development.

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