Creative Entrepreneurship

Antonio Carlos during the keynote presentation - pictures by Justyna Molendowska-Ruiz

Project/Client: Creative Entrepreneurship - Keynote by Antonio Carlos Ruiz Soria

Cannes Lions, Creative Europe Desk, European Commission, Kiev, Ukraine 

Antonio Carlos Ruiz Soria delivered the motivational keynote 'Creative Entrepreneurship' at the Inspiration Stage at the III Forum of Creative Industries conference organized by the Cannes Lions  and the Creative Europe Desk Ukraine, European Commission.

Antonio Carlos immersed the audience in a self-discovery journey to realize that everyone is 'creative' and can be 'entrepreneur': motivation, courage and attitude are the attributes that matter the most! He identified key characteristics for successful entrepreneurship and opportunities within creative and digital economy for entrepreneurs and startups. Justyna Molendowska-Ruiz, as digital co-speaker, disseminated key messages and cool pictures of the keynote on social networks to engaging digitally with the event audience and beyond to multiply the impact.

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