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Voices of Culture meeting in Brussels (Sep 2018); participant group picture and Brainstorming report that you can download here

Project/Client: Culture & social inclusion / Cross-sectoral cooperation for policy and project development

Voices of Culture Structured Dialogue between the European Commission and the Cultural Sector,  Goethe Institute, Brussels, Belgium

On 17 September 2018, a Dialogue meeting between the representatives of 35 civil society stakeholders and the European Commission took place in Brussels.

The meeting represented an opportunity to present the main results of the Brainstorming session held ealier in April this year.


The Brainstorming Session on Culture for social inclusion: partnering with other sectors represented the opportunity for a group of 30 European civil society stakeholders in the cultural sector and 5 noncultural stakeholders to exchange ideas on this topic and to come up with joint ideas and recommendations to be shared with the European Commission. The group brainstormed on 17-18 April 2018, and after that has worked remotely on summarizing their main ideas in a Brainstorming report which is now been published.


The present Brainstorming report on “Social Inclusion: partnering with other sectors”is the result of the brainstorming process between 35 participating organizations, both from the cultural and other sectors.

The report looks at the policy, qualities of partnership and research and development aspects of programmes and projects dealing with culture and social inclusion. It lists critical success factors as well as obstacles, and ultimately gives recommendations on how to improve the partnerships between the cultural and other sectors in this sphere. Furthermore, it also addresses the problem of rising exclusionary attitudes among the wider population and proposes possible actions.

Link to download Brainstorming report and further info >> Social Inclusion: partnering with other sectors 

Justyna Molendowska-Ruiz has represented Economia Creativa on both Structured Dialogue Meetings in April and September 2018, Brussels, Belgium. She has contributed to the report with Economia Creativa's research 'Cultural Heritage Innovative Audience Development' in which best practices from 12 EU Member States have been identified on how cultural heritage can be a catalyst for social inclusion and sustainable development (Case Example 21 on the 'Brainstorming report')

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